fort worth fun

About a month ago,  the boys and I took a little road trip to Ft. Worth.  Joey was unable to join us, so we invited my good friend Becca and her daughter MeLynn to join us.  We had a great time!!

My mom spent 5 weeks in the hospital following a major surgery (She was then at home with home health for another 3 weeks).  Going to visit her was the main focus of the trip.  She was so happy to see us and the boys enjoyed visiting her.

We started out the day by meeting my dad, grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousin for breakfast.   We then all headed over to the hospital to see mom.

Because we had 3 kids (7, 2, 1.5) we needed to have some kid-friendly activities!

We planned a visit to the Ft. Worth Zoo!  I used to go to this zoo when I was a kid.  I’m so glad we were able to visit.

All pictures are from my iPhone so they are not the best quality.

Jaxon, Eli (who fell off a step that morning at the hospital), and MeLynn:

my sweet boys and I:

Becca and MeLynn:

Jaxon’s face here is hilarious.  I promise he was not scared!
the macaw’s were so pretty!
after lunch, Eli was DONE!
We got to take a carousel ride!
and thankfully this boy took a little nap.  I was slightly jealous.
Jaxon LOVED getting to see the kangaroos.  He just thinks it is so cool that a baby kangaroo is called a Joey since that’s his daddy’s name!  He laughs every time he sees this picture!
 We finished up the day with a train ride…
We then met the other side of my family for a delicious dinner.  We headed back to the hotel exhausted and ready to swim for a while.
On Sunday after another visit to see mom, Becca and Jaxon got to have their first In-N Out experience!  It did not disappoint.
One last stop before headed back north… one of my favorite stores ever… The Container Store.  If the Container Store powers are reading… PLEASE bring a store to the OKC area!!!  Please!
I picked up this little beauty for work, among a few other items of course.
Overall it was a super fun weekend!  Becca, I’m so glad you and M joined us!!!

3 thoughts on “fort worth fun

  1. Looks like a fun trip! That one picture of Jaxon cracks me up! he does look like hs is very scared of something. The Container store is awesome, isn’t it!?

  2. So glad ya’ll had fun in my hometown! I love that choo choo train and In & Out Burger YAY! If you don’t call me next time you’re in town I’ll whoop ya! 😛

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