September, September

*the first of several catch up posts!  This should make Jessica and Keisha especially happy 🙂 (they have been on me for a while to update!  here you go girls) September was spent with me being in the hospital.  You can read more about it here and here.  I wanted to have a place to … More September, September


A new tradition…  Originally posted 12.1.08….. Updated version coming to you soon! I present to you::: I saw this idea about two years ago and saved it! Now that Jax is old enough we can do some really fun and amazing things! Inside this jar are 25 scrap pieces of paper. Written on them are … More Tradition…

on blogging

I miss  my blog.  I’m going to blame facebook for stealing me away from my home on the www.  Along with everything else in our society, we all are looking for a faster, easier, simpler way of doing things.  While the shortcuts are good for a while, most good things in life really take time. … More on blogging


Sometimes I’m cheesy.  Well, most of the time I’m cheesy.  So the cliche sayings such as ” home is where the heart is”, and “there is no place like home” come out of my mouth a lot, especially this past week! 10 Weeks  after my water breaking…..(12 weeks early) almost 6 Weeks after birth……. 5 … More home

Then and Now

wow.  the second picture above was taken exactly 4 weeks after the first.  so much has changed.  it feels like it has been three months not four weeks.  there is so much i am thankful for.  there is so much i feel overwhelmed by.  mostly i am so thankful for my boys and for the … More Then and Now

Elijah Michael

My brother in law, Marc reminded me today that I have not posted about Eli yet! (thank you Marc) I’ve got some major make up blogging to do…. but for now, let me introduce you to the newest member of our family! Elijah Michael 9.22.10 4:40 am 4lbs 5oz, 17 1/2″long Eli was born at … More Elijah Michael